Aspen Glade is a Health & Living Shop focused on Natural Organic Products.

A Budding Company

Martha and Melissa are caring mothers, each doing her best to raise children in a society full of unhealthy options.  They don’t stock their shelves with the cheapest goods, and not those with the fanciest artwork or packaging, either.  To be a responsible parent, you have to read product labels and avoid chemical additives, scary preservatives, and synthetic fillers.  The problem is that there just aren’t many all-natural, organic options available.

Several years ago Martha and Melissa began their quest to provide a healthier life for their families, collaborating together on their trip down the organic trail.  Over time these two dedicated wives and mothers developed a network of people, suppliers, and organizations that shared their concerns and goals.  Today Aspen Glade is helping people across the country with healthy cooking ideas, home style crafts, organic recipes, and wholesome goods.

Aspen Glade was founded by two women with a mission, to provide the very best products to everyone.  Today we see how far they’ve come, yet they have only just begun.  Our product lines are constantly expanding as we move further down the path to health and happiness.